N95 Face Mask

N95 masks are special protective masks that are used to protect the wearer from contaminated, harmful air droplets and liquid which can contaminate your face. The 'N95' name means it can block approximately 95 percent of harmful air particles from entering your body via nose and mouth.It helps you protect yourself from transmission of droplet based virus or bacteria, dust, polluted air, fibre particles, allergy causing pollens.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is specially designed to measure Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate and Sp02 is an innovative and non-invasive manner at the comfort of your own home. The oximeter is very easy to use and facilitates accurate results with the help of the one touch power button.

Oxygen concentrators

Oxygen concentrators filter surrounding air, compressing it to the required density and then delivering purified medical grade oxygen into a pulse-dose delivery system or continuous stream system to the patient. It's also equipped with special filters and sieve beds which help remove Nitrogen from the air to ensure delivery of completely purified oxygen to the patient. These devices also come with an electronic user interface so you can adjust the levels of oxygen concentration and delivery settings. You then inhale the oxygen through the nasal cannula or special mask.

3Ply Face Mask without inside Meltblown Layer

This Disposable 3 Ply Face Mask is designed to offer respiratory protection. It helps prevent the spread of diseases and promotes healthy breathing. The mask comes with a 3-layer construction and covers the nose and mouth. It has soft elastic ear loops that will help keep the mask in place all day long.

3Ply Face Mask with inside Meltblown Layer

This 3 Ply Face Mask is made up of high-quality nonwoven fabrics. A melt-blown layer is fitted inside to ensure 99.8% bacterial filtration. It will keep you safe from germs and other microbes that may enter into your body through the nose or the mouth. Elastic loop mount is given to ensure a tight fit and great protection against germs, viruses, and other microbes.

Face Shield

This face shield is available in multiple variants depending upon the microns letting you choose the ideal one as per your needs. It is comfortable to wear because of its adjustable elastic strap that is on the back of your head and keep the shield in place. Since it is an anti-fog anti-static shield you will not face much difficulty even when you have to wear for long. Being splash resistant, the shield is apt for overall protection from pollution, bacteria and infections.

DRDO Certified Class 3 PPE Kit

PPE or the Personal Protective Equipment is designed specially to help protect you against harmful viruses, bacteria and infections and to prevent any kind of bodily contact with these infectious agents or body fluid. The kit contains all essentials to reduce the risk of contact by the wearer.

Isolation Gown Disposable

Provides excellent protection with overhead design and thumb looped long sleeves preventing contact with expelled and splashed fluids. Being impervious to fluids they provide an extremely effective barrier against cross infection, these gowns are suitable for isolation work together with examinations, clinical and dental environments, care homes and laboratory procedures.

Nasal/Oral sample withdrawal Sterile Swab

A Nasal/Oral sample withdrawal Sterile Swab is a method for collecting a clinical test sample of nasal secretions from the back of the Throat. To collect the sample, the swab is inserted in the region of the pharynx that covers the roof of the mouth. The swab is then rotated for a specified period time to collect secretions, then the swab is removed and placed into a sterile viral transport media, which preserves the sample for the subsequent analysis.

VTM (Viral Transport Medium) kit

The kit is ideal for collection cells and microbiological specimen from nasopharynx. The swab is tipped with dedicated nylon-flocked material which presents exceptional recovery of specimen for it can effectively carry and release samples. Soft and flexible material provides comfort sampling. Samples can be stored in the transport tube for easy transport to a laboratory for analysis.

Portable UV C sanitizer

UVC light is the highly effective way of eliminating micro-organisms like bacteria, virus and other pathogens by destroying their DNA and RNA. It has a high disinfection rate and is widely used in medical environments. Using this principle we have introduced a portable UV Stick which you can easily carry inside your pocket wherever you go and can disinfectant any place before you get in touch with it keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

UV Sanitizer Box

UV Sterilization Box is a multi-functional disinfection box that can be used to sterilize rings, watches, keys, mobile phones, earphones etc. It uses UV-C sterilizer which is a band of UV light with bactericidal effect.

Infrared Thermometer CE FDA Approved

Ideal for quickly screening individuals for elevated skin temperature. This infrared thermometer has a non-contact design that eliminates the need for replacement probe covers and other supplies. It is accurate to 0.5°F (0.3°C) with 0.1°F/°C resolution when measuring skin temperatures between 89.6°F to 108.5°F (32.0°C to 42.5°C). Adjustable alarm alerts user visually and audibly when temperature exceeds programmed limit. Optimum measurement distance of 1.9 in. To 5.9 in. (5 to 15 cm). Move the Body/ Surface function switch to the Surface position for non-contact surface temperature measurements from 32°F to 140°F (0.0°C to 60.0°C). With a fast response of just 0.5 seconds, users can simply press the trigger and read temperature on the large backlit LCD display. Memory stores up to 32 readings for easy recall. Comes complete with 2 AA (1.5V) batteries and pouch.

Sodium Hydrochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite is a chlorine compound often used as a disinfectant or a bleaching agent.

Safety Goggles

No pressure points - The goggles sit comfortably due to the hard / soft component mix of the contact surface. This goggle is suitable for all different face shapes.

Preventative Septic Treatment Disinfectant Bio Tab

BIO-TAB is a Major Advance in Preventative Septic System Treatment. Bio-tab is a tablet containing bacteria and enzymes used to break down and “sink” the organic waste floating on the top of the liquid layer of your septic tank. These highly concentrated tablets contain carefully selected strains of bacteria and enzymes. They are formulated to meet the specific needs of your home septic system.

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